Spare parts and repairs service

Fifty years of experience and warehouse at your disposal

Spare parts service

Spare parts service (membrane, valves, etc.), repairs and supply of complete pumps from main Italian manufacturers

Control units

Manual and electrical control units for weeding sprayers and atomisers, electro-hydraulic valves, isometric pressure gauges, etc.

Jets for crop spraying

Jets for crop spraying, stainless steel jet holding rods of different sizes and shapes, crop spraying tube, etc.

Plastic filters and fittings, accessories and components for tanks

Plastic filters and fittings, weeding sprayer nozzle-holder, weeding sprayer AlbuzĀ® nozzles, accessories and components for tanks, etc.

Moulds and tanks

Moulds study and planning, fibreglass and polyethylene tanks, tank repair kit, etc.



Technical support when using our products

An outstretched hand to our dealers and customers

Technical support

Among our services, we offer sending our highly professional personnel to your facilities to help you use especially complex machines such as computerised weeding sprayer units for product distribution, or technical support, together with our network dealers covering the entire territory.



Flexibility at your service


As it were a vehicle, customisation has become more and more a frequent option in agricultural machinery, not only tractors but also the tools, which must meet all working demands but at the same time must be easy to use, with accessories that speed up work, and why not, be pleasant to the eye in their shape and colour.
G.R. GAMBERINI is able to provide for all these requirements asked by dealers, at technical planning level as well as for components and accessories, and eventually, to meet aesthetic features also [for example, supplying machines painted in the same colour as the tractors sold by the dealers].